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Welcome to Little Machines Help! If you're just getting started with O2M, we recommend you start by reading Before You Begin.

If you already know your way around O2M, and have a specific question, try Frequently Asked Questions.


How to Uninstall & Remove O2M from Your PC
If you'd like to uninstall and completely remove O2M from your computer, follow these steps:

1. Run O2M's Uninstall Program

Click on the Windows Start button
Click on Programs (or All Programs if using Windows 7 or higher)
Click on the O2M folder, then click Uninstall O2M

When asked if you want to completely remove O2M, click on Yes.

O2M and its program folder will be removed from your computer. The software is now uninstalled.

Note: If you don't see an Uninstall O2 icon, you can install the program directly from the Windows Control Panel. Click on Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, and then choose Outlook2Mac/O2M to uninstall it.

2. Optional: Delete Your O2M Data Folder

If you used O2M to export your Outlook data, you may have still have exported mail, contacts, and/or calendar files in your O2M data folder. You can keep these files if you want, since they might serve as a valuable backup of your Outlook data, or you might want to import them into your Mac in the future.

If you're sure that you'll have no use for them in the future, however, you may want to delete them in order to save disk space.

If you'd like to delete the files, just delete the data folder where they are located. The folder's name is c:\My_Outlook_Files (unless you chose a different Save folder when you ran O2M). Deleting the folder will move the mail (.mbox), vCard (.vcf), and iCal (.ics) files contained inside to your Windows Trash.


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