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Welcome to Little Machines Help! If you're just getting started with O2M, we recommend you start by reading Before You Begin.

If you already know your way around O2M, and have a specific question, try Frequently Asked Questions.


Installing O2M
Read the step-by-step instructions below to install and run O2M onto your Windows computer:

1.Download the O2M installation program from the Little Machines website.

2.Locate the O2M installation program that you downloaded on your PC and double-click on it to run it.

3.Follow the on-screen instructions to install O2M. When asked where you want to install the software, choose a drive and a folder. C:\My_Outlook_Files is recommended by the program by default.

4.When the installation program finishes, you should be able to find the O2M software icon on your desktop or under the Windows Start->Programs menu.

5.Run the installed O2M program. When the O2M program window appears for the first time, you'll see three buttons: Unlock, Test-Drive, and Buy.

The Unlock button lets you enter your serial number to unlock all of O2M's features. If you don't have a serial number yet, you can buy one now at the Little Machines website, or by clicking on the Buy button in the O2M program window. Once you have a serial number, click Unlock and copy-paste your serial number into the O2M window. Congratulations! O2M is ready to go!

The Test Drive button lets you use O2M free, although O2M's functionality will be limited—while in Test Drive mode, O2M will only allow you to export a small number of emails, contacts, and calendar items, but it's a great way to confirm that O2M works with your PC, Outlook, and email properly.


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