Take your Windows Outlook email, contacts, and calendars to your Mac!

Has been recommended by Apple geniuses and The Wall Street Journal's Walter S. Mossberg as a fast and easy way to convert Windows Outlook information to Macintosh formats!


Buy a copy of Little Machines O2M to take all of your Outlook information to your Mac now!

Only $12.95 lets you move your PC's Outlook email, attachments, calendar appointments, and contacts to your Mac. Price includes all the features, free upgrades, and documentation. We accept secure payment by credit card through PayPal.

Please download Little Machines O2M and run it in "test drive" mode to ensure that it works with your system configuration before making your purchase.

Make sure you download the version of Little Machines O2M that works with your version of Windows Outlook. You will receive an email with your serial number to unlock the software shortly after purchase.

Step 1: download Little Machines O2M

Little Machines O2M Version 2.0.1

Released on February 09, 2012
  • Download Little Machines O2M for Outlook 2002/2003/XP/2007/2010/2013
  • Download Little Machines O2M for Outlook 2000
  • Download Little Machines O2M for Outlook 97/98

* Please note that Little Machines O2M runs on Windows only, and it does not convert Outlook Express or the version of Outlook that runs on a Mac.

All purchases are subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Little Machines O2M web site (http://www.littlemachines.com/terms.html). By making a purchase through this web site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: